Category: Electronic

Name: Fuck Zapan

Size: 1756 mb

Quality: flac, MP3


Label: Dirty Lolis ‎– AZU071
Type: 50 x File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Country: Australia
Date of released: 02 Oct 2018
Category: Electronic
Style: Noise


1 Fuck Zapan
2 Dokdo Is Korean Island
3 打倒小日本
4 위대한 북쪽 장군님
5 Jap Otoge Otaku Artists Are Retarded So All Their Jcore Tracks Are Same Shitty Stuff
6 Kurwastyle Project Is Fake Shit He Betrayed Kyokudocore Artists
7 Kurwastyle Is Slave Of Facebook His Recent Tracks Are Boring Soft Cunts
8 Kurwastyle Project Is Fuckin Liar His Brain Needs To Be Fixed
9 Fuck Dojin Jcore Cunts They Are All Fake
10 Otoge Dojincore Are Really Boring Retarded Stuff
11 Japanese Speedcore Are Not Speedcore At All
12 Netouyocore
13 おまんこ野郎
14 Why Do You Need Recent Konami Otogecore
15 Dirtylolis Sound Team
17 Bemani,Komani Otoge Are Manic Cult
18 Payoku,Twitter Feminists&Otoge Retards
19 Otoge Retards Aren't Needed For Society
20 Otoge Dojin Otaku Should Go To Hospital
21 Otoge Dojin Jcore Tracks Are Commercial Shit
22 Jap Breakcore Is Dead
23 Hardcoretanoc Is Not Hardcore At All
24 All Otoge Dojin Jcore Artists Are Fake They Are Slave Of Netwanking
25 Rip Popnmusic Popnmusic Was Killed By Konami
26 Touhou Doujin Music Is Already Dead
27 ニコニコ動画enemyofsocietyキチガイvideo動画サイト.5ch
30 Jap Youtube Retards Can't Speak English
31 Pixivsucks
32 Otoge Dojincore Otaku Cunts Are Slave Of Soundcloud
33 同人ゴロ
34 神絵師
35 洋ゲー厨のおっさん
36 Youtube Jcore Doujincore Uploaders Are Retarded They Should Fix Their Brain And Ears
37 FUCKurwastyleproject
38 Kawaii Music Was Trend Of Dojin Electronic Music But Dojin Electronic Music Otakus Are Ugly
39 Dojin Electronic Music Otaku's Brain Is Filled With Shit So They Listen To Shitty Fake Tracks
40 DJKEI Is My God
41 pixivメンヘラ
42 依頼お待ちしてます
43 I'm Pro And Ruler Of Dojincore Community
44 Otogeotakudojincore Network Is Hell On Earth
45 Delete Your Account,shut Down Your Pc And Go To Hospital For Your Family
46 You'll Be Free If You Abandon Your Pride,Obsession,Followers,Likes,Boring Works
47 日本人很愚蠢
48 Vxbxdxdx Is Real Musician And He Is God For Me
49 Music Should Be Free But Otakuotogedojincore Is Poop
50 It Was Totally Waste Of Time For Making This Album